The Smalls
As a founding member of The Smalls, Nobi (with Angry Ant Media Co-Founder Maria Grund) established the tone of the site through creative strategy and written content. This took what could have been yet another site dedicated to video into a resource for filmmakers looking for inspiration, advice, and community.
Through brand partnerships with companies such as Apple Inc., Cutty Sark Whisky, Scion (Toyota), and more, The Smalls launched numerous online interactive experiences during Nobi’s tenure. One such project that Nobi spearheaded was The Smalls Street Sounds, which allowed participants to upload recorded sounds from their area into an interactive map so that filmmakers, artists, and musicians could access sounds from around the world.
Nobi also served as the US face of the UK-based The Smalls, notably as the host of the monthly short film showcase ‘The Can’. Held monthly in NYC’s Lower East Side, the live event regularly brought together asipiring filmmakers, advertising executives, and many more media professionals.​​​​​​​
The Smalls has now grown into a marketplace where brands and filmmakers can meet and continues to thrive.