Inspiring Diversity
Since 2017, Nobi has consulted for Inspiring Diversity, a startup that focuses on building high-performing organizations through effective professional development tools and building diverse communities.
Founder Betty Ng, an award-winning corporate strategist came to Nobi with her idea in 2016, seeking advice as a fellow entrepreneur (Nobi successfully co-founded Angry Ant Media in 2007). She then engaged Nobi to design the Inspiring Diversity website, as well as execute her initial outreach strategy, which included a series of video interviews with notable leaders such as Chieh Huang (CEO, Boxed), Todd Sears (Out Leadership), and cCayton Banks (Silicon Harlem). 
Nobi also led the UX/UI design and development of Inspiring Diversity’s goal tracking and community building app PO-LING POWER. The app, available on iOS and Android, has been presented at organizations including American Express, Marsh & McLennan, Ascend, and Harvard Business School.
Nobi continues to advise Inspiring Diversity on its next phase.